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An expected music video for Appelle-moi

by Véronique Trudel

Nelson, BC, February 16, 2022. - Almost one year after recording  Appelle-moi, the video for this touching folk song will be released on March 4. The wait will have been worth it: Véronique Trudel exposes herself in an intimate and disarmingly natural work.


In the midst of the pandemic, the Abitibi artist was not afraid to tackle a difficult, sometimes still taboo subject in her song: depression. Busy with various musical projects over the past year, the artist who is not afraid of words had to overcome her fear of being exposed and reveal her vulnerability in this music video directed by Émilie Leblanc Kromberg.    

Explore vulnerability


When Émilie suggested the concept, it scared me, but I'm always trying to do things that scare me so I decided to dive in. I've been exploring my vulnerability for a while now, but this takes it to another level because it is very public.


It is thus in a simple but powerful staging that the artist reveals a soothing monochrome intimacy. Isn't it in the simplicity that beauty is found? Both of these are featured in this music video, which will be available as of March 4 on YouTube, as well as on the artist's Facebook and website:


Call me: sweet vulnerability. photo credit: Emilie Leblanc Kromberg


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