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my rainbow child

It seemed so obvious

To call you a girl

We wrapped you in lace

And dressed you in pastel pink

Without suspecting that you were a rainbow child


You say you are neither a girl nor a boy

And both at the same time

You added a pronoun

Shook up my sentences

You've outdone my old Bescherelle* version

You dream of a world where children

Wouldn't need to come out of the closet

Because they were born drawing

Under a colorful sky

Where we would be millions under the sun

Whether you are he, they or she

My love is not conditional

It fits well with your style

And is written in the plural form

For you I'd launch a new edition of the Bescherelle*

And you who don't understand

That it's not a trend or a choice

And God doesn't make mistakes

They combine the colors

To create this immense collection of water paintings

With his millions of rainbow children

*A Bescherelle is a french grammar book used at school

Performance at Pacifique en Chanson 2021

Partnership with the British Columbia Francophone School Board for the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

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Mon enfant arc-en-ciel
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