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in Mamou's arms

song-dialogue between my mother tongue and the land on which I live

"And my eye fascinated

your millennial beauty

I hung my feet

in your wide open arms"

"Your skin four seasons

of unceded land

with your permission

I will walk there barefoot"




*In Mamou's arms

The bed of your rivers

A stone around my neck

And my mother tongue


I carry many accents

In my dandelion mouth

And sow to the four winds

stories and songs

From the four corners of the world

From the city or the fields

I have a wandering soul

And my heart is a kite


Exile myself for love

Adventure or error

Committed or unexpected 

Escape the echo of rumors  


I came for two days

Thirty years ago

Made a thousand and one detours

*to your Soleil Levant

And my eyes fascinated

Your millennial beauty 

I hung my feet

In your wide open arms


And your wild smell

your drag queen look

You don't look your age

*Oh my legs are dancing


Your four season's skin

Of unceded land

With your permission

I'll walk here barefoot

Our hearts beating 

Our hands spinning and dancing

In the hollow of your valley

A rain of seeds


 Your throat that resonates 

In the echo of the drums

our bodies that shivers

And trembling of love


And my wandering hands

on your watershed

Thy Not-Rocky Mountains

Where will our children be born 


We will mix roots

*In the soil of the Phare Ouest

It's life taking shape

The feather that crosses It


And your Water People 

It will be their turn

To heal all their ills

And receive words of love


Deep down we're the same

Strong and frail at the same time

Very much alive and plural

And we won't die

In Mamou's arms

The bed of your rivers

Children around my neck

And my mother's tongue

* Mamou is an elder in the francophone community

* Soleil Levant  aka The French Bakery

* Les Dancing Legs : is a francophone drag queen collective

* Phare Ouest : CBC radio show


collaborating artists



francophone elder


Alex Pilon aka Johnny Poutina 

member of The Dancing Legs

faces behind the lyrics

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